Dryer sheets can also be referred to as fabric softener sheets. They are mainly used to decrease static cling as well as to soften fabric in the drying process. Dryer sheets are utilized to create a sort of guard against the accumulation of static electricity in several fabrics.

Dryer sheets also function as effective fabric softeners, aid in resisting future stains, prevents lint from gathering in clothes and simplifies ironing.

There are two main types of dryer sheets i.e. dryer sheets manufactured using a polyester substrate non-woven base and dryer sheets made of cellulose base. Dryer sheets also exhibit various scented varieties as well as unscented variety to cater fully for the different consumer needs.

How dryer sheets work 

Dryer sheets possess a thin layer of lubricant that is electronically conductive. This results in clothes that feel softer and have decreased static electricity. Chemicals that constitute dryer sheets fabric softeners usually aim at electrostatic charges and remove those, which linger on the top surface of fabrics and this results in no shock.

The heat emitted by a dryer sheet together with the laundry moisture function to warm softener-treated sheets before spreading the softener through clothing. Each garment is coated inside a protective layer. Furthermore, dryer sheets serve to balance the static electricity present in the atoms of each clothing item that has positively charged particles.

The quantity of dryer sheets required is a function of the load. Normally, 1 sheet is enough for a regular load, 2 sheets is sufficient for a large load and 3 sheets should do for a load that is extra-large.

It is advisable to utilize dryer sheets only with wet laundry to prevent potential staining and spotting. However, a damp towel should be thrown in clothes for smaller loads to aid in the even distribution of softening agents of dryer sheets. Never re-use dryer sheets because the softening agents tend to be dispersed after the initial use. This means that fresh dryer sheets should always be used to guarantee optimum results each time.

Buying guide 

There are many dryer sheet brands on the market today making the selection of an ideal one a daunting task. The factors that need to be considered when purchasing a good dryer sheet brand are effectiveness of the product, its environmental impacts and cost of the product.


The benefits associated with dryer sheets include the following:

  • Helps in fighting odor on dirty laundry.
  • It significantly softens and freshens laundry.
  • It prevents static
  • It decreases wrinkles.

Absorb ability

Dryer sheets are known to decrease the absorbability of certain fabrics. This is why it is not recommended to use dryer sheets for diapers, towels or with other fabrics that tend to absorb.


Dryer sheets are very convenient options especially for consumers that desire to decrease static load, build effective resistance to any possible stains as well as prevent the accumulation of lint. They provide laundry with a pleasant smell and make ironing easier. Despite all the amazing benefits that are associated with dryer sheets, it is important to note that not all wash loads require a dryer sheet.