Been spotted out for having some of the best beaches in the Caribbean, this place has everything a tourist wants on their vacation near a beach. The vacation rentals Turks and Caicos which sinks unto the silky sands of the Grace Bay is spectacular but it doesn’t end there as the charm is continually distributed to the colonial canons and the Cockburn Town harbours. The dreamy underwater reefs of Columbus landfall make the Turks & Caicos a utopia. The rugged cliffs also add to its charm which has fascinated tourists for years. Since there is no dearth of the activities while travelling, this will help you shortlist the fun activities since they might get confusing. So, expect a variety of activities which range from fish BBQ’s to scuba diving.

Whale Watching

If you are lucky enough during the high season then there’s a high chance that you can spot a whale. The months between January and April usually has a moderate weather which is accompanied by the soothing breeze coming from the Atlantic. This place doesn’t necessarily have to be a whale spotting place as you can stand on the rocky cliff and look out for the Turks head passage which connects the water of Hispaniola with the western part of Caribbean.

Grace Bay Chronicles.

Carving slowly around the sandbanks of the undulating north shore, this picture-perfect beach is not just another stretch of land. The beachfront is everything one expects it to be. The water is crystal clear and is studded with the occasional appearance of white boats. This place also has a lot of fancy hotels, villa, and resorts which enhances the experience further for any tourist. So, hold onto your creole prawn kebabs as you roam around this beach for a unique experience.

Long Bay Kite Boarding

Opposite the windward stretch of Grace Bay where the Atlantic winds blow over gently above the blue ocean, there lie the stretches of Long Bay Beach which is essentially packed with adrenaline hogging activities. With the water being crystal clear, this bay is perfect for the newbies. All the equipment here are available for renting and the locals often provide lessons to the first-timers. Apart from these, there are numerous other action-packed packages that will get your adrenaline rush going. These packages may range from you sailing out to a deserted lagoon or finding caves that no one ever got around to.

The Fish Fries That You Have Been Craving For

The quintessential seafood experience is what completes your trip to the Providenciales islands. The local fish tasting event helps the locals interact with the travellers closely. These meets are oozing cultural appreciation and celebration of everything that’s diverse. This exactly where you will have the best BBQ’s in your life, even though it is a slight exaggeration, it can possibly be true. The nightlife is never complete without rum and you may reenact some drunk pirate scenes with your friends too.

The Smith’s Reef

Knows to the tourist for its highest underwater visibility. This place can easily be reached from the Grace Bay. This is one of the best spots for scuba diving, mostly because of easy accessibility and clear water. The corals look ethereal with a diverse amount of colours, all looking bright and beautiful under the clear water. The only downside of this experience is the lionfish, they are highly poisonous and can be fatal for the scuba divers. Tourists are advised to keep an eye out for them but this necessarily doesn’t kill the excitement since it only enhances your adrenalin rush.

Local History

This place is historically enriched which can intrigue any history buffs. The national museum in Cockburn Town is an admiration in itself. The museum houses the reconstruction of the remains from the Molasses Reef Wreck. This was the oldest recorded shipwreck in the entirety of Americas. This caravel might have sunk itself but it is symbolical of the immense colonial power that went on. The museum also gives you a glimpse of the diverse culture it had as well as an insight into the native culture of the Lucayan people who were the residents before the colonizers started invading.

Some Authentic Cuisine Perhaps?

Coco Bistro is one of the most famous dining places that one needs to look out for. Headed by chef /owner Stuart Gray, this place has grown popular in the entirety of Turks and Caicos. You can taste the finest of the Caribbean cuisines here which include everything from lobsters to locally grown herbs. The ambience is pretty romantic which sets the mood for the rest of your trip. This place is as fine as it gets and not be missed by the ones who are travelling here.

Exploring the Deep Caverns of The Conch Bar Caves.

These caves are at the heart of the Middle Caicos island which cuts deep into the limestone rock bed. This leaves the place with a labyrinthian outlook for the chambers and tunnels. The sun barely kisses this place but surely some light leaks unto the caves illuminating it. This place is important archaeologically too as remains of some of the earliest Lucayan tribes’ people were found here. The history buffs would really like this place but they can also go further towards the Indian Caves where there remain artefacts from a forgotten time.


Erven though there is a dearth of sports activities here, that can easily be compensated with bonefishing. People from across the world come here to catch the ever-elusive bonefish by using nothing but a rod that can hold a bait. This activity is popular in the shallows.

These are some of the best spots that one can shortlist for their list of activities. Some spots located in the coastal stretches of Cockburn Town may intrigue you but even if you don’t get to catch on to anything, the views of this place will.